Explore Spring and Summer 吉林快三开奖结果 courses

Spring and Summer 吉林快三开奖结果 traditional face-to-face, hybrid, and off-campus spring classes are being reviewed to provide students with effective learning options based on recent COVID-19 concerns. Keep checking the schedule for additions.

Choose Your Course Format

Schoolcraft College provides students a variety of choices for learning. Students can register for traditional credit courses, attending classes on campus or take advantage of the flexibilty of the various distance learning options we offer. Schoolcraft is also 吉林快三开奖结果 to the region's most comprehensive Continuing Education and Professional Development departments, which offers hundreds of non-credit courses each semester for students of all ages.


Students can take classes taught by our highly qualified faculty members and earn credits toward a certificate or degree at any of our three locations.


In response to COVID-19 and to continue to meet your needs, Schoolcraft College has moved many traditional, on campus classes to a remote learning format. Remote learning is in addition to courses offered through an all-online format.

In a remote learning format, you will not attend class sessions on campus.  Depending on the course and the instructor, remote learning may be provided in a variety of ways:

  • Web, video, or phone conferencing at a specified day and time
  • Pre-recorded lectures sent via email or another online option
  • Links to tutorials or other web-based learning

If the course is listed on WebAdvisor with a day and time in the “Meeting Information” column, you should plan to “meet” virtually at that day and time until your instructor provides you with more information during the first week of class.  Your instructor will communicate with you on how and when they will deliver the course content.

It will be important for you to confirm during the schedule adjustment period your instructor’s expectations related to potential meeting times to determine if you can attend any required virtual sessions.  

As with all courses, you are responsible to complete all assignments and activities by scheduled due dates.

Here is a hypothetical example:

CGT 999 is a remote class that will meet virtually at the scheduled time below (Tuesdays, 9:30 am – 1:08 pm) for 12 weeks.  The instructor may decide to use the first Tuesday for a real time lecture/demonstrations via Collaborate in Blackboard.  The second Tuesday, the instructor may use the time for class presentations of their work and/or class reviews of each other’s work, all using Collaborate.  Perhaps the third week, the students will be assigned a tutorial that they will need to watch with an associated assignment to complete in lieu of a class meeting, so the scheduled time will not be used for that week. And so on through the 12th week.  The class “meeting” schedule will be dictated by the instructor, who will inform the students of the schedule early in the class.

If a date and time is not listed, the instructor has indicated that they will not be holding virtual class sessions at a specific time.  They will likely have video recordings of lectures or tutorials that students can review on their own schedule.

Course  Section  Days  Time  Location  Instructor Weeks 
 CGT 999 123456   9:30a-
 Remote  T. Instructor  1st 12

Distance Learning

Distance Learning offers Online and Hybrid courses. These course styles provide greater scheduling flexibility for students.

Continuing Education & Professional Development (CEPD)

CEPD courses are non-credit earning that provide opportunities for students of any age to explore new careers and interests, polish work skills, or explore their creativity.


Schoolcraft College offers global endorsements, service learning endorsements and a Schoolcraft Scholars Honors Program.

Learn More about Endorsements


Schoolcraft College provides students an opportunity to earn credit for certain courses through independent study. Students are expected to master the competencies the course requires. Students work independently under the direction of the assigned faculty member and are expected to meet with the faculty member at designated times during the semester. Contact the appropriate instructional administrator for more information. Students must obtain approval from an instructor and administrator to take an independent learning course.