Important Date PDF Document Downloads

We offer 15, 12, 7-week and other semester offerings. For a quick preview of important academic dates, view the semester tables below. Or you can download the Important Dates PDF documents for a more detailed listing of dates.

Winter 2020PDF136.06 KB Download
Spring 2020PDF126.49 KB Download
Summer 2020PDF121.29 KB Download
Fall 2020PDF135.57 KB Download

Spring and Summer 2020 Dates

Date Description
March 28, 2020 Spring, Summer, Fall Registration Begins
May 9, 2020 Spring Classes Begin
May 25, 2020 No Classes - Memorial Day
July 3-4, 2020 No Classes - Independence Day
July 6, 2020 Summer Classes Begin

Fall 2020 Dates

Date Description
March 28, 2020 Fall Registration Begins - Register Now
August 31, 2020 Fall Classes Start
September 7, 2020 No Classes - Labor Day
September 8, 2020 Think you're late to register? View our Late-Starting Courses
November 24-29, 2020 No classes - Thanksgiving
December 20, 2020 Last Day of Class