Schoolcraft College Career 吉林快三开奖结果 provides excellent resources for students, alumni, and members of the community who need career resources or are seeking employment. All services are free and available to the public throughout the year. Explore our service offerings below:

Career Exploration and Assessment

While you may have an idea about what you want to do in your career once you leave Schoolcraft, you may need help navigating the path to get there.

Career Coach

吉林快三开奖结果Career Coach Screen CaptureCareer Coach is a free online career assessment & research tool that can be used to explore, prepare for and find the right career.

The Career Coach assessment tool identifies interests and matches interests to potential career areas. Using that information and a simple keyword search, users can learn about the employment prospects for a variety of careers, wage information and current job postings in the southeast Michigan area.

Career Coach is also a very powerful tool for mapping an educational pathway, including degrees and certificates offered at Schoolcraft College, to help users achieve their career goals.

Career and Educational Planning

Analyzing career and educational options can be daunting. Schoolcraft College students can use Career Coach with the guidance of an academic advisor to help develop career and educational plans.

Career Preparation Resources

Resumes and Cover Letters

The Career 吉林快三开奖结果 Office has resources to help with résumés, cover letters, interviewing and other career-related issues.

The Career 吉林快三开奖结果 Office offers Resume Essentials presentations throughout the year. These free informational presentations are led by a certified professional resume writer and are designed to provide the most up-to-date information that will help job seekers build a targeted resume. Unfortunately, individual resume appointments are not available. For a complete list of upcoming resume presentations, please contact the Career 吉林快三开奖结果 Office at careerservices@.

Can't attend an in-person presentation? Resume Essentials is also available online - http://bbaddins./addins/career/index.html

Interviewing Skills

Even with the strongest résumé, job seekers still need to wow a potential employer at a job interview. For some, that may not come naturally. Career 吉林快三开奖结果 offers an on-demand online program - - that allows any job seeker the opportunity  to practice their interviewing skills and receive tips to help them prepare.

 software is an interactive tool designed to create a realistic practice interview session. This tool will help job seekers by providing suggested answers or ways to answer common, unusual, or difficult interview questions, and it also is designed to help job seekers change how they think about answering interview questions and give a stellar interviewing performance.

The Career 吉林快三开奖结果 Office also offers informational  job interviewing presentations throughout the Fall & Winter semesters. For a complete list of upcoming presentations, please contact the Career 吉林快三开奖结果 Office at careerservices@.

Online Job Board

Schoolcraft College uses  as its official online job board. Hundreds of new jobs are posted each month in a wide variety of industries and experience levels.

Job listings from local employers for full-time, part-time and temporary positions available for current students, Schoolcraft alumni, and members of the community can be found on our . Job seekers may also upload their résumé for employer review.

Employer Resources

Employers are encouraged to engage Career 吉林快三开奖结果 staff to share information about job opportunities or to learn more about campus recruiting events.

Here are just a few of the opportunities offered by Schoolcraft College to partner employers:

  • Employers can recruit Schoolcraft students, alumni, and community members on the at no cost to the employer.
  • Employers can participate in job fairs and on-campus recruiting events during the Fall & Winter semesters.
  • Employers can forward flyers and promotional information for Career 吉林快三开奖结果 to share on social media or targeted emails to faculty and/or students.
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